August 17, 2013

Short Video - Fat Tips: Cupcake

I shot this short video a while ago with my friend, actor and model Tony Gapastione who had me laughing with every short scene we filmed.

The concept was to film a business man eating a variety of different food items found on the cheaper side of the menu and after he had finished eating he would leave a "Fat Tip" of $100. Pretty crazy for what he was eating, but that's just how this guy rolls.

This is the first short video from the "Fat Tips" series. This clip is named "Cupcake".


A big thank you goes out to Teacake Bake Shop for making delicious cupcakes!

The song to the video is by Benjamin Dunn

Check out more video on my vimeo page:

July 14, 2012

You Tube and Vimeo Sites

It's official, Meyer Photography now has a Vimeo page and You Tube channel.

We will continue to provide photography services for commercial, corporate, headshot and musician clients. . .  we've just added a new branch to our services that we're pretty excited about.

On these sites you'll be able to see film and video projects, along with "behind the scenes" footage from film, video, and photography shoots. . .  pretty exciting right?!

Check out the current videos and let us know what you think!

Here are the links to the sites:


You Tube:

August 16, 2011

“Steeling” Fashion (Part 4) with Nicole Wrightson

“Steeling” Fashion (Part 4) with Nicole Wrightson

I would like you to meet our final model Nicole Wrightson. I met Nicole when she was a young girl  playing on the monkey bars behind the school that I used to work at, when I was a glorified babysitter. Fast forwarding to the present, I saw Nicole at a Pacific Athletic Club event where my wife Melanie was one of the hair stylist from L Salon performing mini hair make overs to the guests. I contacted her shorty after the event to see if she wanted to model in our fashion photo shoot and she was more then willing to be apart of it. Each model faced some kind of obstacle during the shoot and poor Nicole’s was  the cold weather. She froze the entire shoot but acted like it was no big deal and pushed through those goose bumps and we were able to create some incredible photos of her. 

Thank you again to all of those who participated in the shoot:
Hair and Make-Up : Melanie Meyer 
Stylist: Kelly Shouey
Location: San Mateo Artistic Iron Works, Owner Lui Manzon Jr.
Video: Chris Hudson with Still Light Studios
Models: Audrey Proulx, Lauren Rodenberg, Jordan Issa, Nicole Wrightson

Check out some of the awesome photos...

August 1, 2011

"Steeling" Fashion (Part 3) with Jordan Issa

Introducing Jordan Issa the third of our four models. A few months back Jordan mentioned to our Office Manager Karla, if we ever needed models that she would be more then happy to join the team. Jordan had the perfect look for our “steeling” fashion photo shoot, so we contacted her immediately when we had this idea in mind.  Jordan was the first of the four girls to have her pictures taken outside, mind you it seemed like it was the coldest day of the year in San Mateo. Jordan never complained and had an awesome attitude throughout the entire session.  The lighting was amazing and I captured some incredible shots of her all the while she was really fun to work with. Check out the end result of Jordan’s photo shoot.

       Stay tune for our next blog featuring our last model Nicole Wrightson (She is on the very left)...

July 27, 2011

"Steeling" Fashion (Part 2) with Lauren Rodenberg

I would like to introduce you to the second of our four models, Lauren Rodenberg.  Lauren started on our set as Lauren Sunseri and recently married a cousin of Karla, our Office Manager. In the midst of her wedding planning Lauren was so excited to be a part of the photo shoot and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. We were very impressed with Lauren’s skills on the set especially when she was balancing on an old drawer that was barely attached to the cabinet, the fear never shown on her face check out the pictures and see for yourself. 

Don't forget to check back in for our next blog featuring Jordan Issa…

June 24, 2011

"Steeling" Fashion with Audrey Proulx

For a while I have been wanting to work on a photo shoot with my wife Melanie (Melanie's a hair stylist with some mad skills at L Salon and Color Group), and not too long ago I had the opportunity to do so. What you'll see in this blog came together with the help of many people. Karla, our Office Manager who joined our team towards the end of January, found clothing stylist Kelly Shouey, helped in our model hunt (one of which you will meet today), and arranged countless other details.

Originally our fashion shoot was to be outside, but the weather was horrible and with only a week before the shoot it was evident we needed a backup location. I didn't want to photograph everyone in our studio, I wanted a unique location, so after driving around I ended up at "San Mateo Artistic Iron Works" and loved the look of the place. Lui Manzon Jr., Owner of San Mateo Artistic Iron Works, agreed to let us use his shop as our studio and it couldn't have been a more perfect place, as you will see.

In this blog I want to introduce you to one of our four models, Audrey Proulx. I met Audrey about a week and a half before the photo shoot, pitched the concept to her, and she eager to get right on board with us. Audrey, the youngest model on set, was our first dare devil to jump on top of the metal work benches, balance on anvils, hammers, and anything else in the shop. She wasn't even afraid to lean against the thin glass windows to get "the shot."

Take a look at some of the images we captured of Audrey...

Don't forget to check out our next blog which will feature Lauren Rodenberg (she is on the far right)...

February 4, 2011

Adam Simpson in Studio